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Tallahassee, Florida based Commercial & Portrait photographer. Let's dance. copyright Matt Burke 2009-2014


Matt Burke Photo

Photographer friends and other photoshop nerds out there… Do you know about Phlearn?

I’ve made a few posts on here about the site and the founder Aaron Nace (who is an absolute badass.), so hopefully it will at least ring a little bit of a bell. If you don’t know about Phlearn, it’s an incredible community that puts out awesome tutorials, both FREE and not so free. The tutorials are incredibly in depth and will teach you things that you’ve always sworn you’d never be able to master. 

Click on that link up there and check it out! AND! If you happen to make any purchases through the site, daddy over here gets a kickback from them that would allow me to purchase some more of their awesome tutorials. Friends helping friends is super cool, get into it!



Finally decided to put together some of my favorite photographs. Enjoy

Check my dude out! Killing it with the black and whites!



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Promos for Being As An Ocean (by Corinne Alexandra)

Canon 5D Mark II | 24-105mm | AB800 shot through large soft box

I always love working with these guys, and this time was no exception. They were troopers as we took about a mile walk down the windy beach to get to our location on the other side of the cliff wall, and maintained their composure while getting splashed by incoming waves. I’ve wanted to shoot a band at this location for a while and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Check out Being As An Ocean at Facebook and Tumblr!

ok. this is just awesome.


If you have a band or simply want badass pictures, contact him.

I don’t blog much anymore… but I just wanted to give a shoutout to my favorite photographer.  Follow/Like/Friend him.!/mattburkephoto

whoa, thank you so much! Damn, something is in the water or something today cause people are being ultra nice to me. Way into it.

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Last night I got to meet one of my favorite photographers in the world: Matt Burke. I didnt really talk to him too much cause I was nervous. But he is so amazing. He’s changed how I look at photos…and now that I think of it…life in general. He taught me how to see the beauty in the things life has that we take for granted. He really is an incredible person.

WOW!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! jeez, today is turning out to be an awesome day. thank you so much! Believe me, I was just as shy/nervous haha. I’m the most awkward. It was nice meeting you though!

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Go peep my guys tour diary (pt.2) over here on AltPress!

photo cred: our good friend Matt Burke

look at that sexy man