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Matt Burke Photo

Dedicated to all of the people who comment “Will you take photos of me naked, spread eagle on a sheepskin rug?’ in response to looking for people to practice portraits on. To all the people that tell you you’re not good enough to achieve your dream. All the people that have tried and failed before you and do their best to keep you on their level before you take your chance.

This is for each and every negative comment that makes you second guess yourself. To all the parents out there that shoot down their kids dreams. To all the older and younger siblings that tell you you’re not good enough at what you do. To all the people that promise to be on your side but bail as soon as you hit a speed bump.

But most importantly, this is a direct shout out to all the people thatdon’tshoot down your hopes and dreams. To all the friends that tell you they’ll have your back and prove it time and time again. To the new and old friends that will open up their couches for you to crash on when money gets tight cause you’re a dreamer. To all the people that have done it before you and failed and pass their knowledge on to you and push you to succeed. This is for for those people. The people that believe.

(photo found on pinterest and I have no idea who the creator of it is. my apologies for lack of credit)

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    YES, this. Thanks Matt Burke.
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    Or the ones who tell you what you want to do is a complete waste of time. Sometimes you just need some actual...
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    Wow. I love really this. I can relate to every single word of it perfectly.
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    don’t be ‘that guy’ and shoot down your friends/peers dreams. Positivity is a powerful thing.
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    but what if I really want them to take pictures of me naked spreadeagle on a sheepskin rug?? is that ok?
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