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Can I be blunt?
I’m going to be blunt…

This rant is based on numerous things that I have seen over various social network mediums that I feel needs to be addressed, and well, who better to address it than myself, right?

The main problem that I’ve been seeing lately is an overabundance of…

Friendly repost here for anyone who may have missed this

Can I be blunt?
I’m going to be blunt…

This rant is based on numerous things that I have seen over various social network mediums that I feel needs to be addressed, and well, who better to address it than myself, right?

The main problem that I’ve been seeing lately is an overabundance of ‘adorable baby pictures’ of your ‘precious little nugget’ doing the ‘cutest things omfg’, and you know what? I get it. I’m a parent, I enjoy my child doing silly/funny/cute things and I like to share these things sometimes. I just used a very important word in that last sentence, and that important word is ‘sometimes’. Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’re probably scratching your head and saying ‘but, Matt.. you’ve posted a million photos of Bailey on every social network that you have. You have even gone so far as to complain about her negative behavior, as well! You’re quite the hypocrite.’ to which I say: It’s my blog and I’ll be a hypocrite if I want to, but I digress.
The issue at hand here is as follows: As with everything new in life, the internet and social media come with a learning curve. You all know the learning curve I’m talking about… When Myspace was around, it was all about spamming bulletins and PC4PC until we ran that fad into the ground and realized how obnoxious it was. Then came FB and I honestly don’t even really remember what the first stupid fad was on Facebook, but we all know there had to be at least 100 of them. Then comes IG and everyone is posting the same garbage photo of a flower, a cup of coffee, or a cat. While we still see some of those floating around, the learning curve has taught us that no one cares about that stuff and people want to be entertained with things that are atypical to their normal day.
Case in point: Famous people, wether it be deserved or undeserved fame, have large followings and anything they wear outside, people want to copy. Anything they post on twitter, people want to copy. Anything they post on IG, people want to copy, and so on and so forth.
Do you want this blog to come full circle? Here goes! Back to your little prince or princess, your booger covered beauty queen, your temper tantrum throwing toddler that all of your friends absolutely love to hate. It had to be said, so I said it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with your children and I really do not mind seeing photos of them because I, too, am guilty of posting them.
Now for the part that will probably make me look like a little bit of a d-bag, but I feel I need to speak for the people who are actually relevant that can’t say these things.
People WANT to see what’s going on with famous people in their daily lives; it’s voyeuristic. NOBODY wants to see a picture of your kid in a shopping cart at Walmart or holding a lollipop, because, well, there was just a kid that we saw in real life in Walmart that was screaming like a psychopath while clutching a lollipop. I used to be bombarded with people asking me to post photos of Bailey, asking questions about her, buying her gifts and mailing them me, etc, etc, so I felt a bit of a need, a bit of ‘peer pressure’ if you will, to post things of her. It’s similar with a few of my other parent friends that have lived in, or around, the spotlight.
Now, none of this is to say that you don’t have every single right as a human being to post whatever the hell you want. Post your kids soiled diapers, for all I care. But what you need to be aware of, is that these posts about your kid so often are, unknowingly to you, turning your friends away from you. Slowly, your posts begin to be hidden, your event invites get disregarded, and soon enough your name falls off our ‘recent conversations’ list on FB chat, and let’s all just pour some out for our fallen homies.
The internet is a sensitive place in terms of the content people want fed to them. If I wanted to look at newborns sitting around with vomit on their faces, I’d bookmark a mommy blog, but odds are most people, including the moms with babies on their laps, don’t want to see that stuff on their off time. We want to focus our social media time on connecting with peers that we share similarities with, not with passing by uninteresting posts of a dumpy baby sitting on the ground with stains all over it.

(This rant is brought to you by the brain of Matt Burke and is my personal opinion on the topic.)

Happy Monday, internet.


Each and every time.

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Mini tutorial on painting skin tones. I hope it makes sense. I am writing down all your suggestions for tutorials and hopefully plan to create a detailed tutorial (or series of tutorials) about digital painting in photoshop.

Awesome reference for digital or traditional painting.

this is an incredible little guide.

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this could be the start

of something new

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen happen on twitter.

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Here goes the before/after from the photo I just posted.

No way I was passing up using this image.


I took this photo a few weeks ago at a wedding I was lucky enough to shoot. This image was paaaainfully difficult to edit, and the before/after I post in a little bit with be a good little heads up to how much of a pain it was.

But, for now, enjoy this beautiful photo of one of the raddest brides I’ve had the opportunity to photograph.


I took a selfie today because I got a haircut the other day and I really like my shirt. Also, my home office doubles as a kitchen, so that’s neat.

A few years ago, when I was featured in Highlight Magazine, I was asked what I still wanted to accomplish with my career. I responded that I wanted to ‘do so much. I want to shoot a cover/spread for a magazine, get on more tours, open a studio, and just keep learning & having fun.’ With the exception of more touring, I have done all of those things. There’s one more accomplishment that wasn’t on that list.
Be Staff Photographer of an award winning publishing house was not on that list. That title wasn’t even on a 5 year plan, for no other reason than simply thinking they were out of my league. A few weeks ago I received an email informing me that the position was opening up and if I was interested in discussing it. Interested? Are you kidding me?! ‘Yes, yes, I suppose I’m interested in discussing that’ I thought to myself after picking my jaw off the floor and maintaining my composure a la Will Ferrell in Old School.
After a few emails and 2 in person interviews, I was offered and absolutely accepted the position of Rowland Publishing beginning in the 2nd week of April. I will be the sole photographer on staff responsible for capturing incredible images for 3 very well respected magazines. I will be working with everyone from farmers to politicians and everyone inbetween. I will be on salary, have health insurance, my own office, and be working consistently all over the state of Florida. This job is absolutely everything I wanted to do on my own, but to a level I never EVER could have imagined.

This job means the world to me. This job makes having to live in my studio for a year totally worth it. This job makes the weeks of not eating real food absolutely worth it. This job makes every little shoot I’ve done over the last 6 years make sense. Every mistake, every failure, every success, every huge opportunity has led me to this absolute dream job.

I will forever stand by the idea that if you dream big enough & you’re crazy enough to lay your life on the line for what you absolutely love, that you will be rewarded greatly. I have donated blood, sweat, and tears to this earth, all in the name of getting ‘the shot’ or landing a job. I have never fought for anything in my life as hard as I have fought to get where I am today.

To everyone out there that has sent me an encouraging message during a hard time, any one that has backed me or my work, anyone that given me any kind of criticism, Thank You. Without having so much support from real life friends, inbox friends, and border crossing friends, I would not have had the heart to continue this ridiculous journey.

Sorry for rambling, I’m just currently on cloud 9 with no intention of coming down.

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This will not apply to all art professionals (and certainly should not be taken as good advice by some) but it won’t hurt them either. All this message has to do is help decrease the number of “I’ll pay you in publicity” offers from people who are trying to sell ice to [Inuit], so to speak. Maybe it might even result in a few more artists getting paid for their work?

"You don’t pay IN publicity, you pay FOR publicity."


Reblogging this for all my fellow freelancers!
(Unfortunately, we are unable to feed our cats in publicity.)

I get emails from people who offer to pay me in “publicity” constantly. Often from large corporations.

Photographer Matt Granger did a video about the Discovery Channel wanting to use his stuff and then not wanting to pay him. Watch his video here. He really nails it.

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